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The New Zen of American Zen

America's first Buddhist rock band.


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Book for Building Buddhas

SPACER - A Magazine of Modern Zen

During the mid nineties, Buddha Zhen, then known as, "Master Zhen," would periodically assign his Kung Fu and Tai Chi students the advanced martial arts of page folding, envelope stuffing, and stamp licking. (They used sponges in plates of water to seal the envelopes...)

The publication being mailed: Shaolin Zen, a quarterly magazine featuring Buddhism and school news for Shaolin Chi Mantis students and later for Tai Chi Youth nonprofit, founded in 1996. is the modernized offshoot of our Shaolin Zen magazine. Topics will focus more on Buddhism, enlightenment, and inspiration for you, the reader.

The Shaolin Zen magazine will continue to be published with news for current Kung Fu and Tai Chi students of Buddha Zhen's schools, Shaolin Chi Mantis, Tai Chi Youth, and Buddha Kung Fu.

This current issue will focus on: ____________________________

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Master Zhen with Shaolin Monk Spade
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